Friday, January 6, 2012

f(x) Profile

f(x) member 


Stage Name : Victoria (빅토리아)
Birth Name : Sòng Qiàn
D.O.B. : February 2, 1987
Position : Leader, Vocalist, Main Dancer
Height : 168cm
Nationality : Chinese
Group leader.
Starred in variety show Invincible Youth (2010).
Starred in variety show We Got Married with 2PM’s Nichkhun (2010-2011)


Stage Name : Luna (루나)
Birth Name : Park Sun Young (박선영).
D.O.B. : August 12, 1993
Position : Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Height : 160cm
Nationality : South Korean
Duet with Krystal in Hard but Easy, drama OST for Taming the Heir; and also in Calling Out, drama OST for Cinderella Sister (2010).
Recorded Spread Its Wings with Amber and Krystal, OST for God of Study (2010).

Featured in special group G20′s Let’s Go (2010).

Solo in Beautiful Day, drama OST for Please Marry Me (2010).

Duet with SuJu’s Yesung in And I Love You, drama OST for President (2010).
Starred in Legally Blonde musical (2011).
Co-host of The Show music program with Secret’s Hyosung (2011).


Stage Name : Amber (엠버)
Birth Name : Amber Josephine Liu
D.O.B. : September 18, 1992
Position : Main Rapper
Height : 167cm
Religion : Christian
Blood Type : B
Nationality : Chinese
Recorded Spread Its Wings with Luna and Krystal, OST for God of Study (2010).
Featured in Taiwanese singer Danson Tang’s I’m Back music video (2010).


Stage Name : Sulli (루나)
Birth Name : Chio Jin Ri (최진리).
D.O.B. : March 29, 1994
Position : Vocalist, Dancer, Visual
Height : 169cm/170cm
Nationality : South Korean
Child actress, starred in movies Babo and Punch Lady etc. before f(x) debut.
Co-host of Inkigayo music show (2010-2011).


Stage Name : Krystal
Birth Name : Jung Soojung
D.O.B. : October 24, 1994
Position : Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer
Height : 165cm
Religion : Christian
Blood Type : B
Nationality : American-Korean




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